So it turns out I was wrong…

E3 is nigh...
E3 is nigh...

According to the E3 website E3 is taking place June 7-9 apparently there are Press Conferences today though as I found out here:

Apparently it is kicked off at 1630 UK time…TODAY, luckily  I have the day off and the rest of my evening planned, some may call it sad, I call it keeping an active interest in a particular subject that I like.

So today we have:

Microsoft – 17:30
EA – 20:30
Ubisoft – 22:30

Tomorrow see’s Sony and Nintendo reveal their particular news.

Sony – 01:00
Nintendo – 17:00

I’ll post my views on anything that I think is worth posting on, I don’t want to fill up my posts with JUST E3 stuff. I may make a E3 page in my Game Reviews section and post the relevant stuff there.

Stay tuned.



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