Fare thee well Doctor! *Spoilers*

Again, I emphasis spoilers. If you haven’t watched “A Good Man Goes To War” yet then don’t read on, or do if you aren’t bother about spoilers.



Amy, Rory and River
Amy, Rory and River

So last night saw the last episode of Doctor Who until Autumn 2011, in the weirdly named, Let’s Kill Hitler. What this has got to do with the events of last nights episode I do not know.

Moffat said that there would be a huge “game-changing” twist at the end of “A Good Man Goes To War.” Whilst yes, I guess it game-changing. In the end it wasn’t very original because, it had been rumoured for a while that River was Amy’s daughter. I mean thinking about it, it makes perfect sense. Although I must admit they played it very well, keeping us unsure, but I felt a little let down that it was that simple.

We know River is in prison for “killing the best man she has ever known”, and if she is indeed Amy’s daughter and it was Amy’s daughter who killed the Doctor at the start of this series then maybe that is the Doctor’s final day.

But again I don’t think this is to be the case, I mean the Doctor has got two more regenerations left, and I know a Time Lord can be killed completely if they are destroyed before the regenerations kicks in. But thinking about it properly and not as if Doctor Who was real, I doubt the BBC would end it with Matt Smith with two regenerations left. And even then that may  not be the end, The Master’s regenerations ran out and he managed to carry on living through the use of other peoples bodies. Unless the ended it and brought it back again in a decade or so. But I have a feeling that Matt Smith will only do one more series as The Doctor. With Amy and Rory having a baby now, maybe they’ll leave at the end of this series? But then again, River said she was brought up in a forest, so maybe Amy and Rory don’t raise her in the end, or the go on to raise her there possibly?

What I find interesting is that Steven Moffat wrote “Silence in the Library”, the first episode that River appeared in. I wonder if he had this twist in mind from the start or if it just occurred to him. I mean the link between River and Pond might just be a nice coincidence, with last nights show explaining in the forest where River was raised they didn’t have a word for “pond”, but at the same time it did fit quite nicely, and with River being Moffat’s creation who knows?

I wonder how many regenerations along River is? Maybe she is the thirteenth? That would make sense but she died for good in the library episode, well her body anyway, her mind went on living in the computer. But this means as The Doctor goes forward he’ll be going into Rivers past, this will allow us to see other generations of River. We’ve already seen one, where she was in the space suit, and we know she’s regenerated again, because of when the kid died in front of the homeless guy. So many questions.

And that’s what I love about Doctor Who, it leaves you with so many questions. And some get answered, sometimes not as much as we’d like but anything is something. Sometimes it doesn’t occur for a while. A good example of this is when The Master died when he was played by John Simm, and Tennant burned his body on the pyre and the ring dropped, with a mysterious female hand picking it up. We didn’t learn who picked it up for a while.

On a side note, I love Rory. During the first episode I wanted him to just get killed off and be done with it, partly because it might have made Amy harder but mainly because I didn’t like the character. But I must say as this season has progressed the humour surrounding him has got funnier and his character has gotten stronger. This hasn’t ever been more apparent than in last nights episode, where he donned the role of The Last Centurion again. The scene with the Cybermen was perfect and his line, “Do I need to repeat the question?” When the fleet in the background exploded was done and performed perfectly.

I’m going to miss Doctor Who whilst it’s off air, I truly am. And I’m going to miss writing about it. I can’t wait for the series to resume in the Autumn, according to Wikipedia it will air in September. I mean, I’m sure I can wait three months…just.

At least we’ll have Torchwood to occupy us in the mean time. Although I have seen the trailer for the new season and I’m not sure what I think, I’m hoping they haven’t made it overtly American, it needs to be kept true to its roots, otherwise it will just get way out of hand and ruin a good series.

How did you all find last nights episode, and the series so far?

Did you expect the twist? Or maybe not?




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