E3 Is Almost Here

So as the title says, E3 is almost here! This Tuesday to be exact. I’ll be posting a lot during the 3 day convention, especially Twitter. (Let the #tagging commence.) Last year I was able to watch the live press conferences before jetting off to America to work at Summer Camp. Although no America this time I should be able to still watch the live events and provide my coverage here and on Twitter like I said.

GameTrailers have been covering a lot of pre E3 content for example this amazing trailer for the upcoming Tomb Raider to be released at the end of 2012.

I’m quite excited to hear more about and see the new home console fromNintendo (Project Cafe is the codename) will it REALLY have screens in its controller as rumoured?

What are your thoughts and opinions?

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Also, the final Doctor Who tomorrow. I know I didn’t post an article about last weeks, which I should have done but I will post a long one tomorrow or Sunday about the mid season finale.


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