Flesh or Memory?


“Trust me, I’m The Doctor.”

So tonight saw Episode 5 of the latest series of Doctor Who and I started watching it not knowing it would be a two parter and then when it ended I was so engrossed I thought only like 10 minutes had passed. I hate it when that happens.

But that shows it was a great piece of work.

I thought that the mid season  finale was at episode 6 but it’s episode 7, oops. But this is good because it means one more week of Who.

Eye patch lady showed her face again tonight but didn’t say anything this time and it seemed cut pretty choppy, Amy doesn’t seem to be bothered that she is basically being haunted by this strange woman anymore. I’m sure it’ll become clear soon though.

I am definitely looking forward to next week’s episode, The Almost People. The Doctor’s “ganger” looks like it will provide an interest piece of plot, although do we really need two Doctor’s?

This isn’t the first time another Doctor has come into existence, think back to Tennant’s reign and his copy that he left with Rose in the parallel universe. Do you think the Doctor-Ganger will stay? Or will they all have to be killed?

This episode posed a very good thought provoking question about identity.

Are we our flesh or our memories?

Personally I think we are our memories, if I thought the same and lived the same way and had the same experiences in a different body I think I would be the same person, mentally at least.


4 thoughts on “Flesh or Memory?

  1. I didn’t actually think this episode was as good as the last ones. I found it difficult to keep up with a a little confusing, but other than that, it was okay. Jennifer was my fav character, then she went a little odd and I didn’t know which was her or which was her ganger. Rory showed guts, though. He is like cheese- improves with age.

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