The Doctor’s Wife

The fourth episode of Doctor Who aired last night, entitled “The Doctor’s Wife”.

It was one of THE best episodes of Doctor Who I have ever seen. Neil Gaiman’s writing was amazing and the whole craziness of it just felt right. The relationship between Idris (the woman the TARDIS enters) and the Doctor was spot on, and when Matt Smith had to say goodbye and he had a tear in his eye, brilliant. Suranne Jones played Idris to perfection, very Helena Bonham Carter-esque.

The humour in this episode was very well written with the hilarity of some stuff that Idris was saying and with Matt’s “And you are not my mother!” line. I’m not too sure if this is a reference to the episode with Christopher Eccelston and The Empty Child. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was a reference as an episode with David Tennant when he is at a UNIT base makes a reference to it, more direct though, when he holds up the gas mask and actually repeats the line, “Are you my mummy?”

The best bit of the episode by far was the scenes with Amy and Rory in the TARDIS corridors, when Amy came round the corner and “KILL AMY” was all over the walls, it was very haunting. Rory going mental was awesome to and Rory played it very well considering his reputation of being the dumb scared one.

Also, I nearly had a nerdgasm when they went back into the old TARDIS control room, I thought we’d never see it again aha, but now it’s been deleted we probably never will.

This series of Doctor Who keeps getting better and better, although apparently this episode was wrote for the last series but because of lack of a budget they couldn’t. And even this season they had to cut out a scene in the TARDIS’ swimming pool due to money concerns.

The preview for next weeks episode looks very creepy indeed, I’m not too sure what it’s about but I can’t wait.

How is everyone else liking Doctor Who this season?

I must say, as a side note, Amy Pond is getting better as a companion and even Rory is growing on me.


4 thoughts on “The Doctor’s Wife

  1. To be honest, the episode freaked me out! I loved and hated that ‘Hate Amy, Kill Amy’ scene. They are definatly getting darker, aren’t they? Not exacly sutiable for younger children any more.
    But still, good episode. My fav so far is the second one with the silence- the one in the orpahanige. When I watched it for the second time, I noticed loads of stuff I hadn’t the first. Brilliant!

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