Doctor Which?

So Doctor Who started a few weeks ago, as you can probably tell from my blog.

And you know what? I like Matt Smith. There. I said it.

“Haters gonna hate”, I get that but really? He’s not bad. He’s good in fact. He must have been picked for a reason over all the other actors?

I’ve been watching the 2005 series with Christopher Eccleston again and I really enjoyed them, sure I preferred David Tennant, but he was with us for longer than Eccleston.

So please people, give Matt Smith a chance.

Even Arthur Darvill as Rory is growing on me. The only character I don’t like is Amy Pond, the companion, the other person we are SUPPOSED to care about. Karen Gillan is a good actress and she plays Amy perfectly. My trouble lies with head writer Steven Moffat’s writing of Amy. She’s weak and useless and just gets in the way whilst constantly shouting for The Doctor. (Although I will admit she is starting to get some balls, see Season 6 – Episode 3: The Curse of the Black Spot, when she was a Pirate.)

What bugs me most is they used sex appeal to get us to like the character with the “kissagram” thing. Just call her a stripper and have done with it.

Rose Tyler and Martha Jones, they were good companions and they actually helped in situations. Amy, like I said, just gets herself in trouble and calls for The Doctor.

I think at the moment to have 3 companions:
– Amy
– Rory
– River
Is too many, although River is back in Stormcage now but we know she’ll be back eventually.

Since Moffat took over the show seems to have become, I dunno, more cheesy almost. It’s lost that sense of dread and drama and the need to care for the characters that the series had when Russell T. Davies was in the lead.

I recently rewatched Rose’s departure from the show and I cried like a baby, and I’m not afraid to admit that. Those tears were a testimony to strong writing. When Rory had died, like each of the gazillion times, I’ve not been upset, last series I even thought “thank god.”

I’m just hoping that this mid-season secret will be worth the wait until it’s revealed and it will keep me hooked for the rest of the season after summer.

So to sum up, I’m loving this season, and I loved last season just not AS much as the old days before the change over, but I will keep loyal to The Doctor.


2 thoughts on “Doctor Which?

  1. I like your thoughts about Matt Smith.
    I agree – he is a really good Doctor. He plays the new incarnation well and there is no doubt he is ‘The Doctor’
    Unfortunately he had to follow David Tennant who was the ultimate Doctor (for me anyway).
    Well written and a perfect blend of quirkiness and fire.
    Ecclestone being the first one back in this series was ‘brilliant’ loved his fire but he needed a little more heart (hence Tennant).

    1. Yeah Tennant will always be my favourite, I still love Matt Smith but it’s a shame he has been given such a horrible story this year, it has to be the worst series yet, in 13 episodes I only like 2 episodes, it was such a let down, and the mid season break was ridiculous to aha xD

      There is a new producer now though so maybe that had something to do with it, we’ll see how good the Christmas special is and go from there I guess aha.

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