Kate Middleton – Trolley Racing Champion 2011

On your supermarks...
On your supermarks...

Kate Middleton attended the Annual Waitrose Trolley Racing Championships (AWTC) recently.

In a crushing defeat she lapped all of her opponents three times, in the 10 lap circuit around the aisles in a Waitrose the island of Anglesey.

The AWTC is known for its high death rates because of their “no frills policy”. So basically ANYTHING goes. So there was Kate on the start line and as soon as the whistle was blown she pulled back he left fist and smashed it and the £85,700 ring into one opponents face.

That opponent offered to speak to me but wishes to remain anonymous.

Me: “So tell me what happened.”

Victim: “We were just there on the start line, I looked over, I was just going to offer her a wish of luck and to comment on how gorgeous she looked at the wedding but then the whistle blew and out of nowhere she smacked me right in my kisser.”

Me: “And are you planning to press charges? Claim for compensation?”

Victim: “We can’t, Trolley Racing is at heart a blood sport, we sign a contract to stop compensation claims.”

And even if she could, is there even any use suing a member of the Royal Family? You wouldn’t get far.

Warming Up
Warming Up

Kate was cheered on by her sister Pippa from the crowd area. Unfortunately William couldn’t be there as he has gone back to co-piloting a helicopter for the RAF.

We tried to catch up with Kate Middleton after the race but unfortunately her head of security got her out of there before any sore losers could try and get revenge on her for winning.

The Annual Waitrose Racing Championship will return again next year, hence annual, in 2012. Hopefully the Duchess’ attendance will have raised interest in this event and allow people to come along and join in.


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