It’s hard to write a script when your heart is no longer in it (and you have a rocking hangover still). But as my deadline is on Friday and I’m so close to finishing it would be stupid to change my idea now but it is such a struggle.

My attention span when writing it is like non existent. Although because I’ve nearly finished it that is sort of focusing my thoughts on it a bit more.

It’s based on a true story of something that was very upsetting for me and I guess writing about it is obviously making me think about those memories again, although it was years a go now so it’s not too bad.

Anyways best crack on, need to crack on with a bit more tonight so I can be free to watch Tangled with my other half.



GAVIN is stood at the edge of the cliff.

Down on the beach below ROY and TONY are sat around the campfire. Buried in the sand is a wheelchair, minimal attention is drawn to this.

GAVIN is talking to himself.


I’m not coming.

No, not this time.

You can’t make me!

Shut up! Shut up, shut up, shut up.

I know how this ends.

GAVIN looks around. Struggles to take a step back but then wobbles forward.



I won’t do it.

GAVIN steps forward.


I know how this ends!

GAVIN steps forward again and then jumps.


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