Doctor, Who… The Hell Was That Girl?

The Silence
The Silence


Without giving too much away to people who have yet to watch the new episodes, in the two part premiere of the new series of Doctor Who there was a little girl, first she was inside a spacesuit and then she got out, because she was “very strong and running”. My Dad had a theory that she was a female Master because she shot the Doctor but I countered that with the fact The Master has no regenerations left, but they could explain this any which way.

I don’t think this is the case though, my theory is she is someone’s child, either the Doctor’s or Amy’s, but The Doctor already has a child, Jenny, so the obvious choice would be Amy’s, but the fact this little girl can regenerate, as seen when she died, is a throw off, because it is clear that Amy loves Rory and obviously hasn’t slept with the Doctor, but what if she was right? What if travelling did mess the pregnancy up, what if it does have a “time head”, whatever that is. Of course it’s merely speculation at the moment and we won’t know for sure until Mr Moffat wants us to know, unless it gets leaked but I think it will stay safe, I don’t really want to go looking because I don’t want this ruined but knowing my luck I will inevitably stumble across it if it is.

What do you think? Who is the little girl?

And what is a “time head”?


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